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The Cimarron Project is an ensemble dedicated to showcasing the diversity of Afro-Cuban music and dance at its most traditional. They educate their listeners by introducing them to lesser known forms such as the Cuban Bata drumming style, Abakua music, Suku Suku, and Changui by weaving these elements into renditions of Rumba and Cuban Son.The ensemble features the profound knowledge and talents of master percussionist and steward of Afro Cuban traditions, Roman Diaz from Havana, Cuba. The Cimarron project focuses on the expansion of this living breathing culture.Through dance and music workshops as well as hot club and cabaret dance nights they explore these cultural currents provoking a fascinating interaction with their audience.For more information and for booking please contact Onel Mulet:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Cimarron Project is kicking off this years APAP World Music Showcase, hosted by Gabo Tomasini and Entour Entertainment. We will be playing a varied signature live set of eclectic Afro Cuban grooves with the master Roman Diaz holding court. Cimarron is the flagship band for Habana/Harlem® and as such will feature the talents of mainstays like Cuban Jazz guitar virtuoso Richard Padron, multi-instrumentalist Onel Mulet on sax, flute and percussion, also the stellar Cuban percussionists Clemente Medina, Daniel Carbonell and from Santiago de Cuba vocalist Jose Scringer. Latin Jazz drummer extraordinaire,Diego Lopez will be joining us too. We will close our set with master Cuban Tresero and composer, Pablo Moya, founder of the legendary Cuban dance band that gave Van Van a run for their money, Los Karachi. We are very pleased to share the bill with some fine bands please check out Banda Magda, Chieck Hamala, Spanglish Fly, Karikatura and the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra!!!!

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